‘Helping children and young people build their wellbeing’

Young Somerset Wellbeing Hubs

 Young Somerset Wellbeing Hubs

Young Somerset’s Wellbeing Hubs hubs are now the new and only way for children and young people, and their parents/ guardians to access their Wellbeing Service, as we are no longer accepting referral forms, or referrals from professionals. 

This provides you with an opportunity to talk to Young Somerset’s Wellbeing Practitioners about what you would like support with sooner.

Our virtual Hubs are a safe online space designed for young people and parents/guardians to find out about what services are available for you in your area.  We’ll also have informative workshops every week led by Young Somerset’s team, providing professional advice and guidance on how to maintain positive Wellbeing, and look after your Mental Health.

When? What? Where?
Monday @ 16:30 Hub for Young People Instagram – @yswellbeing
Tuesday @ 16:30 Hub for Parents Facebook – @youngsomerset
Wednesday @ 16:30 Hub for Young People Instagram – @yswellbeing
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