‘Helping children and young people build their wellbeing’

Mental Health Life Hacks

 Mental Health Life Hacks
A group of young people have come together to write and design a book of mental health life hacks to support other young people.

‘We’re a group of young people who have spent time together talking about mental health and how it affects us. We’ve been thinking about how to help ourselves manage our mental health and how to help our friends when they’re struggling too. So we’ve come up with a set of LifeHacks to help you and your friends to keep mentally healthy!

After all, Mental Health is something you DO, not something you HAVE. We want to help you and your friends take action for positive mental health.’

It’s about doing things that help keep us well and happy, or that help us feel better when things are tough. We’ve come up with some tried and tested LifeHacks to help us to help ourselves and other young people. Now we want to share them with you too.

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